sábado, 12 de maio de 2007

Os Matadores

Eu e meu amado amigo dinamarquês numa troca frenética de e-mails, numa tarde modorrenta.

Ele: I still can't believe I didn't go to Placebo.
Eu: Don't cry. I've always told you that life is unfair and you, Mr. Pollyana, has always disagreed. Who was right, huh?


Ele: Will ignore this Pollyana thing. But let's start praying for Muse coming to Brasil, ok?! We have to go together to this concert!
Eu: I've already started praying. For them, The Killer and The Rapture coming.


Ele: I started praying 10 months ago. And I always go the direct way - my prayers went to Muse!
Eu: So God is a little bit deaf. Do you really know how to pray?


Ele: Of course I know! Love Jesus!
Eu: but if you've been praying for 10 months maybe god's been thinking that you want a muse. And not Muse.

And he won't listen to me since "the killers" sounds herectical, right? god wouldn't bring a band with such a "killer" name.

let's change the strategy.


Ele: But i haven't even gotten a muse yet - even you are not setting me up with any potential ones!!! And you are supposed to be my friend...

Reg the Killers you might be right, though it would be an excellent opportunity for the old man to show he's not afraid of change and/or new modern initiatives, despite their harsh exterior!

Eu: you haven't found a muse yet? Shame on you... That's what very picky people get, haha!

the killers could even change the name of the concerts. Nor "Sam's town" anymore, but "God's blessing" or "God's town, much better than that Sam, who the heaven is Sam anyway?"


Ele: yes, i'm VERY picky, guess i have to admit/realise that by now..................:-(

think you should send your name-changing-suggestions to the Killers directly - no need to involve a 3rd party, as it would just complicate the process! alternatively you could just insert another word in their name, so maybe they could be "the devil killers" or "the killers of all evil" , or something like that - then guess god would have to be on your side...

Eu: Well, I'm very picky too, but my pickyness is weird and nonsense. One day we talk about our picky personalities, drinking beer and listening to Muse.

Bue there's another: "natural born killers of all the devilish things in the world". there's the plus of having a movie reference. or "killers bill - revenge is not a dish best served cold, be nice, people". God will HAVE to listen to me. ok... i'll stop it.


Ele: :-) get the feeling you could go on and on and on with new Killer names..........................and they would all be equally convincing!

glad to hear i'm not the only picky person in this world - sometimes i get the opposite feeling, but guess you know that one as well then:-)


Não é lindo ter amigos que acompanham a sua infâmia?!

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