sexta-feira, 26 de junho de 2009

Do you remember the time?

Escrevi esse texto no meu blog em Inglês e resolvi postar aqui também. Desculpem-me, mas não tenho tempo de traduzir agora, então vai assim mesmo! (fl, pode praticar a leitura aqui, hehehe!!!!)

I vividly remember. Me and my aunt, a huge Michael Jackson fan, in her living room listening to some of his albums. "I just can't stop loving you" was playing and we were singing it LOUD. I mean, really loud. I had the lyrics in my hands, since I wasn't fluent in English yet. Actually, in those times I had no idea I'd become an English teacher one day, but this is another subject. My aunt knew all the lyrics by heart, she had all his albums, she was really crazy about every little thing he 'd made. She used to be such a cool person, I don't know why years came by and she became so boring. Again, another subject. So, there we were, singing out loud. And I started crying. Because I was madly in love with a boy and he didn't even know about it. I think he suspected, everybody suspected. He is my aunt's cousin, but me and her are not blood related, so he isn't either. Anyway, my family and her family are very close and it was like he was family too. Inside my crazy teenage mind, he should never know because "our" love was forbidden, we were like family. Oh my God, how silly was I? My aunt knew about my secret love and hugged me - she understood why I was crying. And we kept singing along together.

I also remember when he launched "Black and White". I was in a friend's house, it was a nice evening and we were all utterly impressed by all that technology of turning people's faces into other people's faces. It was SO wow... I remember when "Thriller" was launched, I was a little child and felt terrified by all those monsters. I sang along with him in some language I believed it was English when he sang "Beat it". I was very impressed by all the break dance, his moves were so amazing. When "We are the World" was all and about in all the radio stations I used to ask the school's bus driver to turn up the volume because I loved that song. I love it 'til nowadays, actually. When I found out that Billie Jean was not his lover, she was just a girl saying that he was the father of her child, I was apalled. I had always thought she was his lover!

I still can't believe we are in a world where there is no Michael Jackson anymore. I'm not a person who cultivates idols and I can't say I'm a fan of anyone or anything, but I do have some artists that I deeply admire. Madonna, Muse, Michael. He's part of my childhood memories. He was one of the artists who "taught" me how to speak English. I love many of his songs and I think he was genius. And just like all the geniuses, he was tormented and lonely. And I won't even start with all that pedophilia accusations he got years ago. I think he died alone. The King of Pop died completely and deeply alone. The greates entertainer the world had ever had so far, a man who influenced all the coming generations, completely alone.

How sad is that?

May he truly rest in peace and his kids can grow without all the media lurking them around.

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Anônimo disse...


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Kéla disse...

Guess everybody's already tried to sing his songs or dance like him.

I was not a great fan, but I must confess I cried a bit, while listening to Ben, on the radio the day he died.

My son, who is only 11, is the one who really likes him, his songs, dancing and videoclips. And it's not because of his death!!! He's been a fan for some time.

Well, as you say: "May he rest in peace."